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Discontinued  16 Slot cPCI Chassis

Satellite cPCI 16 Slot Rackmount


  • Add 16 CPCI slots to any PCI or CPCI bus computer

  • PC, Macintosh and Sun compatible

  • Offers front-access for field wiring

  • Simplifies installation and removal of boards

  • Monitors and reports power supply voltages and fan functionality

  • Innovative internal baffling assures optimum forced air cooling of all boards

  • Allows OEMs, VARs and Integrators to deliver a complete system without a PC


The 16-slot rack mount STCPCI16R expansion chassis adds slots to your PCI or CPCI based computer. Insert a single host board in your existing PCI or CPCI computer. Connect the three foot cable between the host board and the Satellite chassis. Thats it! Now simply install your boards in the Satellite chassis and turn on the power. Additional chassis may be daisy chained, allowing you to mix PCI and CPCI chassis (and boards) within a single system. The CPCI16R greatly simplifies making connections to your boards as all board connectors are at the front of the chassis rather than buried in the back.

The rugged, all-aluminum constructed Compact PCI chassis are provided in a standard 3U 19 inch rack mount format. For applications requiring additional cooling airflow, an optional fan tray mounted below the rack adds the cooling power of four 30-CFM fans and expands the system size to standard 4U format.

An internal monitoring system continuously measures power supply voltages and checks fan functionality. All monitored factors may be viewed at any time using the easy-to-use monitor software supplied. A simple API provides an easy to use interface between the measurement system and your programs.

Use of the industry standard Intel 21150-AC bridge chip assures that you may quickly and easily expand your PC, Mac, Sun or CPCI based computer system.


Slots 16, standard 3U slots
Bridge Chip Intel 21150-AC, 32 bit, 33 MHz
Certification UL, CE, CSA, FCC Class A approved
Connector Shielded 80-pin SCSI D-type
Cable 3-foot shielded ribbon, 80-pin D-type


In the 90's, the PC has established itself as the de-facto standard platform for test and instrument control applications. However, personal computers were originally designed for use as office equipment, not for industrial applications. As a result, the desktop PC presents a handful of mechanical and electrical handicaps when utilized in an industrial environment or the production floor.

The STCPCI16R is designed to fully comply with the PXI bus specifications, allowing the high-end 3U instruments to be used with any CompactPCI instrument.


AC Input 115 VAC/10 A/60 Hz      
Power Supply 250W ATX Style      
Power Ratings Volts Amps Tolerance Power
  +3.3V 14A 10% 46W
  5V 27A 5% 135W
  12V 9A 5% 108W
  -12V 0.5A 10% 6W

System Monitoring

Via VB/C++ examples & DLL

Voltage Monitoring

Voltage Monitored PCI/CPCI voltages: +5V, +3.3V, 12V
Voltage Accuracy 2%

Fan Current Monitoring

Current Range 0 > I > 350 mA
Accuracy 5.1%
Temperature Sensor Semiconductor type
Range -55 to 150C
Resolution 0.03C
Absolute Accuracy 2.5C max, 0.9C typ over entire range
Sensor locations One sensor in center of backplane
One sensor above each slot


Enclosure 19-inch rack mount
Construction 0.080" Aluminum
Dimensions 3U - 14.30" L x 17.16" W x 5.24" H
Weight 11 lbs.


Operating Temperature 0 to 50 C
Storing Temperature 20 to 65 C
Operating Humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing
Storing Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing

Ordering Information

STCPCI16R  Satellite Compact PCI 16 Slot Chassis DISCONTINUED


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