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Acute Technologies PG2000 Series 

PCI / Parallel Port 20 / 50 Channel Pattern Generators

PG2000 Series PDF

 PG Editor Software  PG Manual

Available Models

PG2020 20 Channels, 100MHz, 64(Std)/512 (Opt.) KB samples / channel buffer
PG2050 50 Channels, 100MHz, 64(Std)/512 (Opt.) samples / channel buffer

Main Features

  • Both internal and external interfaces provided (for PCI / printer interface). Easy installation for either desktop or notebook PC
  • Supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, easy to learn, easy to use
  • Provide many ways to edit channel data for output : draw waveform directly, text file translative, Acute LA capture file translative, Altera waveform file translative, ...
  • Multi-function to apply : Circuit emulator, IC tester, ROM emulator, Protocol emulator, IC programmer, ...
  • Provides extend POD for special input/output : 3 event input, UART(RS232) output, I2C
  • Output data loop/jump programmable by events
  • Output data frequency: 100M/80M/75M; <75MHz is adjustable
  • Saves office space and limit R&D equipment expenses
  • Apply ACUTE-PG and LA together will be a perfect digital assistant tool



With 10ns resolution, up to 20~50 channels, 1.5v-5.5v output voltage adjustable, including multi functions; it is easy to edit data and output them to other systems.  You may save your time for circuit testing and rebuilt these experiments very soon.

PG2020 and PG2050 Potential Use

Not only can you apply the PG2000s for circuit emulation, IC tests and ROM simulation, but also you can use it for protocol simulation and IC programs. 
The Acute-PG2000 provides many popular data forms and friendly USER interface so that it may be easily programmed, such as “Direct Draw DATA waveform”, “TEXT file convert”, “Altera waveform convert”, “Acute LA waveform convert” and so on. 


By using Acute LA2000P, you can capture unknown system data signals and reform them by the PG2000. The PG2000 will output these data immediately. If you combine LA2000P and PG2000 together, it becomes an auto-test and auto-certification system. Acute will also continually provide other popular interface programs such as PLD and FPGA simulation utility, Test Vector transfer, and more.

A Great Software and Hardware Interface

The PG2000s  have one of the best Windows User interface. The PG-editor can run in almost all current or recent windows operating systems (Win98/ME/2000/XP). The multi-thread feature allows your tested object working with PG at the same time on one PC.





Power Power(Internal/External)

PC Power / Adapter(12V)

Static Power Dissipation


Max Power Dissipation

< 12W

Interface Internal

PCI card


Printer Port (EPP protocol)
(USB optional)




Clock Internal Clock Range

100MHz ~ 1Hz

Internal Fundamental Clock Mode

100M/80M/75M; <75MHz Adjustable (fine tune)

Clock Output Channel


External Clock Range


External Clock Mode

Logic Not & Logic And

Clock Input Channel


Data Flow Control

Wait for Event
Branch(If Command)

Output Type

POD A-E: 1.5v-5.5v with 255 scales
Extended POD: UART, I2C

UART Baud Rate

110-256k Baud

Fan out

8 x TTL

Data Skew

< 3ns

Memory Depth per channel

Standard size: 64k bits

Optional Max: 512k bits

Event Internal Event

Hot Key

External Event Channel


External Event Mode

Logic Not & Logic And

External Event Threshold

TTL Level

Temp. Operating Temperature

5° C ~ 45° C (41° F ~ 113° F)

Storage Temperature

-40° C ~ 75° C (-40° F ~ 167° F)

Software Features Operating System

Window 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP


Chinese / English

Save & Load Waveform


Print Waveform


Online Help


Regular Waveform Generator

Synchronous Counter
Asynchronous Counter

Waveform Editing Interface

Wave Editor
Scrip file

Waveform transformation

Customer Requirement

Mainframe Volume Length x Width x Height (mm)

197 x 147 x 42 mm


PC Hardware Requirements


PC/INTEL Pentium 100 CPU (or above) compatible
2. One PCI bus slot.
3. At least 64M bytes RAM.
4. At least 32M bytes available in hard disk.
5. CD-ROM drive (for installation).
6. Display specification, 640x480 VGA (or above), 800x600 or 1024x768 recommended.
7. 101 keyboard, Win95 keyboard recommended.
8. 2 or 3 buttons mouse.
9. Printer EPP/Bi-direction mode (/USB port optional for External)
10. Printer (optional).
11. Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP operation system.


Ordering information


20 Channel, 64kb (512Kb Opt.) Per Pin, Pattern Generator

To Order Online, Search for PG2020 at


50 Channel, 64kb (512Kb Opt.) Per Pin, Pattern Generator

To Order Online, Search for PG2050 at

All PG2000s Pattern Generators Ship With The Following Items:

PG2020 PG2050
1. PG2000 mainframe 1 1
2. Signal isolation amplifier box 2 5
3. Extended Signal isolation box 1 1
4. Signal connector/10-color 1x10 line 2 5
5. Special Signal connector/1x12 color line 1 1
6. Ground line/black 1x2 line with red mark 3 6
7. Probe(Red) 35 68
8. Interface card (PCI) 1 1
9. Interface card connected cable (24 pins) 1 1
10. Power translate cable 1 1
11. 12VDC 2A Regulator (optional for External) 1 1
12. Printer Round cable (optional for External) 1 1
13. Installation CD 1 1
14. Manual 1 1
15. Screw 1 1



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