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Jobmatch Systems / Janatek Annie-200P 

8 Channel Logic Analyzer

  • 200 MHz sampling rate

  • 8 channels

  • 16 Ksamples/channel buffer

  • Flexible trigger options

  • Variable input threshold

  • Variable pre-/post- trigger buffer

  • Digital logger

  • Connects to PC printer port

  • Small physical size

  • Runs on Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP



The Annie-200P is small enough to fit into your shirt pocket, yet it is a sophisticated logic analyzer, capable of capturing data at 200 MHz on its eight channels simultaneously. It plugs to the PC parallel port and is ideal for carrying around, moving from PC to PC or with a laptop computer.  


By connecting the Annie 200P to the parallel printer port of your computer (notebook or desktop) you obtain a compact and fast logic analyzer.

The Annie 200P is capable of recognizing both TTL and CMOS signals.

The Annie 200P has a 16K samples per channel acquisition memory. The pre and post trigger samples setting is adjustable.

For slow digital signals, the Annie 200P can also be used as a digital data logger. The sample speed of the data logger is adjustable between 1 sample per sec and 1 sample per hour, with a resolution of 1 sec.

Flexible Trigger Options

Triggering can occur on rising or falling edges, or on a combination of rising and falling edges. Also pattern trigger is available and even a combination of pattern and edge triggering.
Data may also be displayed on a continuous basis. The continuous capture may be done as regular screen updates or may be combined with a trigger condition. When a trigger condition is set the screen will update only after a trigger condition has occurred. It will then wait for another trigger, and so on. This feature is extremely handy for viewing reoccurring data such as data on a serial line data, bus strobes, etc.

Debugging PC Controlled Units

When debugging a PC card or equipment that runs of the PC, you can run the Annie 200p software as well as you unit under test software in different windows. Debugging is as easy as ever. No second PC is required.


The software for the Annie 200p runs in Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98.

Viewing and navigating through the data is very easy; zooming, scrolling, jumping to cursor positions, searching for pattern conditions or glitches, viewing and printing data in timing or hexadecimal formats, etc, are straightforward.

With the four available cursors (X, Y, Z and T) timing relations in the signal can be examined quick and easy.

To control the Annie 200p, the software provides for an easy to use, speed button tool bar.

The number of channels to measure can be selected between 1 and 8. Each channel can be given a descriptive name. The channels can be ordered in any way you like.

Download Version 4.13 Zip File


Internal Sampling Clock 200MHz, 100MHz, 50MHz, 10MHz, 5MHz, 1MHz, 500kHz, 100kHz, 50kHz, 10kHz, 5kHz
Stability 100 PPM
Digital Logger Clock
Rates   Log rate: 1 seconds to 1 hour in 1 second steps
Stability   Logger timing obtained from PC
Digital channels 8 Inputs, 0 to 7V, 100 kOhm / 8 pF input impedance, 40 MHz input bandwidth

Data buffer  

Size   16000 (decimal) samples per channel
Pre/post-trigger buffer   1000/15000, 4000/12000, 8000/8000, 12000/4000, 15000/1000 pre/post samples

Threshold voltage  

TTL (1.5V), CMOS (2.25V) 5%

Trigger conditions


"1", "0" and "dont care" conditions selectable on all channels
Edge    On any one channel. Rising edge, falling edge, or change-of-state
Edge/Pattern combinations   edge up, edge down, edge up OR edge down (change-of-state)
Pattern AND/OR edge up
Pattern AND/OR edge down
Pattern AND/OR change of state


Unconditionally: Screen updates at regular intervals
Conditionally: Display updates on set Edge/Word trigger condition


A trigger may be forced
Display digital, 2 levels
No. of channels   Any number may be displayed at a time
Channel Names User specified
Display Order User specified
Zooming Zoom from single samples to all. Zoom in, out, previous, all, between cursors
Continuous data display Screen updates conditionally or unconditionally


X, Y, Z-cursors and T-trigger line, signal values at X and Y intersects shown

Time measurements  

Between any two cursor lines or cursor line and trigger line

Edge snapping  

Cursors snap to exact edges in data, measurements are taken to/from. Indicated on screen

Word search  

"1", "0", and "dont care" conditions specified, also repeated search

Text display  

Hexadecimal and binary formats
Cursor/signal intersections Displayed for X and Y cursors
Trigger indicator   Trigger LED on the unit is mirrored on the main screen
Beep on trigger On/Off

Debugging PC controlled units

Run the Annie and the Unit Under Test software (if the UUT is PC based) from the same PC.
No second PC is required.
The UUT software may be launched from within the Annie software

Printed output

Timings print, bitmap, Text: Hexadecimal and binary formats. Portrait or landscape


Signal files: contains captured data, date stamp, time stamp, user information (e.g. heading,
comments, etc.), channel name, cursor positions, software configuration, etc.
When a signal file is reloaded the machine and software and data is set as when the file was saved.  Bitmap files: Bitmap of the main screen/ Bitmap similar to print presentation.
Text files: Hexadecimal format
Configuration files: Software configuration. Autosave configuration option

LED indicators

Power, trigger

Port settings

278H (LPT2), 378H (LPT1), 3BCH (LPT3)

Power requirements

Regulated 5V 3% supply:
6 W Active Capturing
1 W Power On But Not Capturing
Power (+5V) supplied by regulated supply


height 34 mm
length 150 mm 
width 86 mm 
weight 375 gram
Cable lengths Signal, Power 1.5 - 1.8m
Operating temperature 10C - 40C (50F-105F)

PC Hardware Requirements


RAM 4 Mbytes
Free Hard Drive Space For Install 2 Mbytes
Operating System  Windows 3.1/9x or Compatible
Processor 386 PC Or Better/Equivalent 
Pointing Device Mouse or Equivalent
Display VGA or Compatible 

Ordering information


16 Channel Logic Analyzer

The Annie 200p is delivered including: Windows based software, user manual, 8 signal probe clips and a ground probe clip, parallel interface cable and power supply.

Special Order Only.

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