LabJack U12 Software, Drivers and Downloads

This is the source for documentation and software for LabJack measurement and automation devices. Basic applications are available which provide LabJacks with oscilloscope and datalogger functionality out of the box. For custom applications, drivers are provided that work with C, Visual Basic, LabVIEW, and other languages. All software is free.

Also available below are some useful and interesting LabVIEW utilities

LabJack Documentation

LabJack_U12_Quickstart_Guide.PDF: The quickstart guide provides installation instructions along with an overview of the features and operation of the LabJack U12. Revision 1.03, 9/19/2001, 98 KB

LabJack_U12_Users_Guide.PDF: The complete manual for the LabJack U12. Revision 1.00, 9/21/2001, 787 KB

LabJack Software

NOTE:  All executable files are stored in our web site as .exx files.  After downloading, simply rename the file extension to filename.exe and run as normal.

LabJackV103.exx: Now supports Windows XP. This is the complete software installation for the LabJack U12. It includes drivers, examples, and sample applications. V1.03, 9/19/2001, 13 MB, Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP. 

LabJackV103_driversonly.exe: Now supports Windows XP. For those without a high-speed Internet connection, this file installs only the driver DLL, ActiveX wrapper, and LabVIEW6 VIs. V1.03, 9/19/2001, 439 KB, Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP. The normal LabJack installation includes a VI library for LabVIEW6, but since many people still use LabVIEW 5.1, the LabJack VIs have been reverted in this library. 8/15/2001, 416 KB.

VBSimple: A very simple example of a Visual Basic program that uses the ActiveX LabJack drivers component. 9/5/2001, 5 KB.

LJConsole: A very simple example of a Visual C console (DOS) program that calls a function from the LabJack DLL. 9/5/2001, 35 KB.

DelphiDLL: User submitted Delphi 5 example interfaces with the LabJack DLL. 10/10/2001, 264KB, submitted by Michael Simmonds

LabVIEW Miscellaneous Utilities

LJ Clock : Uses the combined values of "Get Date/Time In Seconds" and "Tick Count (ms)" to determine the absolute time (with milliseconds) since midnight on January 1, 1904. 8/27/2001, LabVIEW 6.0.2

Quit LabVIEW if Executable: A minor modification of "Quit" which only exits if called as part of an executable program. This is useful so that when running a VI in the development environment, LabVIEW will not shut down every time the VI is stopped. 6/17/2001, LabVIEW 6.0.2

Sort 2D: This is a nifty little VI which can be used to perform a cascading multi-column sort on a 2-dimensional array of alphanumeric values. 5/30/2001, LabVIEW 6.0.2

NickClick: How about a $25 PC/LabVIEW based image processing platform. Here are VIs to aquire and download images with an inexpensive Nick Click digital camera. 11/30/2000, LabVIEW 6

1wweather - LabVIEW drivers for the iButton Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Weather Station which provides real-time weather for LabJack Corporation. Includes standalone drivers for the DS1820 1-Wire temperature sensor and DS2423 1-Wire counter. This download includes the DLL, all source code, example VIs, and the Visual C project. (LabVIEW 6, Windows 32-bit DLL, DS9097U 1-Wire serial adapter required, does not use TMEX)


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