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Handheld Multi-Instrument

Main Features

4 Instruments In One, Easy to Use, Handheld Unit:





  • Up to 20 MHz Sampling Speed


The HandyProbe model HP2 is the first 20 MHz measuring instrument connected to a PC that does not require an external power supply.  This great feature allows for true portability for all measuring  tasks.  

Main Features

The HandyProbe HP2 is connected to the parallel printer port of the computer. The eight bit resolution, maximum sampling speed of 20 MHz, maximum record length of 32K/64K samples and input range of 0.5 volt full scale to 400 volt full scale enables you to use the HandyProbe HP2 for all your measuring tasks.


The versatile software that is delivered with the HandyProbe HP2 turns your PC into a storage oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, a voltmeter and a transient recorder. An intelligent auto setup allows the inexperienced user to perform measurements immediately. The software allows you to save instrument settings on disk. Later these setting files can be recalled, reducing the setup time of your instrument to an absolute minimum.

Detailed Specification PDF File


Please Download the HandyProbe2 PDF File for complete instrument specifications.

You will need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 to view this file.


PC Hardware Requirements


8 Mbytes
Free Hard Drive Space For Install 4 Mbytes
Operating System Windows 3.xx, Windows 9x, Windows NT, DOS software requires DOS 3.3 or higher
Processor 486DX2-66, DOS Software, 286 or higher
Floppy Drive 3.5"
Display Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA

Ordering information


External, Parallel Port DSO, Scope, TR, SA, DMM

The HandyScope 2 is delivered with 2 1:1 - 1:10 switchable oscilloscope probes, Windows and DOS software and user manuals.

The HandyProbe 2 is available in 5 different versions:


Maximum Sampling Speed

HP2-1 1 MHz To Order Online, Search for HP2 at
HP2-5 5 MHz To Order Online, Search for HP2 at
HP2-20 20 MHz To Order Online, Search for HP2 at


USB plug Type A to 25 Pin Female Connector. 6' cable.

To Order Online, Search for USB25 at


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