FireXpress 350 USB2 Combo

IEEE1394 (FireWire) and USB2 Combo 3.5" External Hard Drive Conversion Kit


Main Features

  • Provides IDE to FireWire and IDE to USB 2.0 conversion in one kit
  • Supports 3.5" sized IDE devices
  • Supports IDE ATA100/66 protocol
  • Tri-FireWire ports for daisy-chaining FireWire devices
  • Transfer Rate: Up to 400Mb/sec FireWire; 480Mb/sec USB 1.1
  • Hot-swapping capability (Including between USB and FireWire)
  • Easy installation, no jumper or ID setting
  • Stylish White Schemed Enclosure
  • Compatible with Windows98SE/Me/2000/XP and MacOS 8.6/9.x/X


Team Solutions is proud to offer the most advanced 3.5" ATA bridge kit ever. The NEW FireXpress 350 USB2 COMBO is powered to convert any IDE hard disk drive into a screaming fast USB 2.0/FireWire enabled external storage device.

Looking for additional storage space without opening up your computer? Is your computer "stuffed" with internal devices? Are the family members fighting over the Zip drive? Then the FireXpress 350 USB2 COMBO is the ideal solution to bring fast portable storage to any USB and IEEE 1394-enabled operating system

The FireXpress 350 USB2 COMBO is the most versatile 3.5 enclosure available. The USB 2.0 interface (which is fully USB 1.1 compatible) and the FireWire interface work with Mac and PC operating systems. The data stored on the drive is fully accessible with either interface, and do not require special partitions.

High Power Support

The conversion kit includes a premium IEEE 1394 cable, USB 2.0 cable, driver software, AC power cable.

Ordering Information

TS-FXU2-EB-35 3.5" External Hard Drive ATA to IEEE1394 + USB2.0 Conversion Kit $ Call
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