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DAQ pci616, pci616-MF

625 kHz Data Acquisition PCI Board

  • 625kS/s multifunction data acquisition card with 32 bit VXD driver for Microsoft® Windows® 95/98 and kernel driver for Microsoft® Windows NT® and Windows® 2000 operating systems.
  • 12 bit ADC with 16 single-ended or 8 differential analogue input channels with trigger and pre-trigger functions.
  • Built-in anti-aliasing filter (Cutoff frequency 320kHz ±20%, attenuation 60db per decade).
  • Unipolar input ranges: +1.25V +2.5V +3.75V +5.0V +6.25V +7.5V +8.75V +10V
  • Bipolar input ranges ±0.625V ±1.25V ±1.875V ±2.5V ±3.125V ±3.75V ±4.375V ±5.0V ±5.625V ±6.25V ±6.875V ±7.5V ±8.125V ±8.75V ±9.375V ±10V.
  • Single-ended or differential operation.
  • All ranges and operation mode can be set by software.
  • Standard cards: 8 digital I/O ports, TTL compatible, 4mA maximum current
  • Multifunction cards: 4 digital I/O ports, TTL compatible, 4mA maximum current, 2 x 12 bit D/A converters, ±10V and +2.5V single-ended output voltage range.
  • Multiple sensor supply voltages: +5V/200mA, +15V/1mA, -15V/1mA
  • PCI bus interface for high-speed transfer and continual sampling without interruption, amount of data depends only on hard disk capacity.


The DAQ pci616 card is a high speed data acquisition card for desktop computers. In comparison to DAQ pci508 cards the DAQ pci616 cards offer 25% more speed, enhanced A/D converters and twice the number of input channels. 16 single ended or 8 differential input channels are available. All input channels are multiplexed on a 12 bit A/D converter. The maximum conversion rate is 625kHz. In addition, there are 8 digital, TTL compatible, inputs and outputs.

Optionally, the card can be equipped with 2 asynchronous 12 bit D/A converters in turn for 4 digital I/O ports. The D/A converters are suitable for voltage output and for low speed closed loop applications.

The card can be operated using Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/ME, Windows NT® and Windows® 2000 operating systems. For instant use, FreeVIEW provides a graphical environment.


The DAQ pci616 can be used in many environments for automation of machines, process monitoring and control, instrumentation and electronic test functions.

Analog Input

All analog input channels have an input impedance of 10 MOhm with an input capacity of 20pF. All inputs are provided with overvoltage protection up to +/-35V.

The conversion rate ranges from 0.5Hz (305Hz with trigger condition) to 625kHz (646kHz setting possible, but not guaranteed) and can be set by software. Triggering and sampling is controlled by card's hardware entirely.

The pci616 can acquire data in the sampling modes:

  • Individual sampling of various channels.
  • Alternate sampling of all or a subset of channels.
  • As above, but with triggering (signal edge or threshold value). Pretrigger is adjustable. Recording depth is 16384 values.
  • Sampling at intervals set by controlling software.


The start of the data acquisition is triggered by level or signal edge. It can be triggered when there is a fall below or a rise above a certain level. Also, the trigger can be set by recognition of a falling or rising signal edge.

Since the trigger is hardware controlled, no time delay arises between a triggering condition and the start of recording. This eliminates the loss of data during the trigger state.

Digital I/O

8 (multifunction cards: 4) digital I/O lines provide TTL compatible level, the maximum current is 4mA.


A standard 37 pole D-SUB connector (jack type) is used for accessing the analogue inputs and digital inputs and outputs.

In addition, multiple supply voltages (5V/200mA, -15V/10mA, +15V/10mA) and an external trigger input are available.


The card can be operated using Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/ME, Windows NT® and Windows® 2000 operating systems.

Ordering Information

DAQ pci616 PCI Bus Card, 16 analog input channels. PCI Board Is Now Sold As A PCMCIA DAQ i616 and an Elan P111 PCMCIA to PCI Adapter. Order Online At  Search For i616 and P111 to make the PCI Card Combination
DAQ pci616-MF PCI Bus Card , multifunction card, 16 analog input channels, 2 D/A output channels.  PCI Board Is Now Sold As A PCMCIA DAQ i616 and an Elan P111 PCMCIA to PCI Adapter. Order Online At  Search For i616 and P111 to make the PCI Card Combination

FreeVIEW Software

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