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DISCONTINUED GPIB Interface Card For Microchannel Bus

  • GPIB drivers available for the operating systems Microsoft® MS-DOS® and compatibles and Microsoft® Windows®  3.x.
  • For application's compatibility and programming language support, see list
  • Language and application support is extended due to market needs: If you look for something special, contact Ines.
  • Options - Please call for availability:
    • GPIB driver for IBM OS/2 or SCO UNIX.
    • "IEEE488.2 Device Driver" for VxWorks, pSOS, OS9 + 9000, LynxOS, VMEbus, VXIbus, PC/104 bus, GTXI® etc.


The ines GPIB PS/2 interface card was especially designed for IBM PS/2 and compatible computers.


The interface system for  Microsoft® MS-DOS® and compatibles and Windows®  3.x completely supports the IEEE-488.2 and SCPI standard and may be operated as system controller in all computers.

The main goal during the development of the interface series was to create a system that uses a well-known user interface and set of commands for all high level languages. This led to the decision to use the HP syntax (Hewlett Packard® / HP-Basic) for the command structure.

IEEE488 Windows Software Package

Simple software installation and automatic hardware test

All software is installed by the Ines setup program. Just type 'a:setup' and all necessary drivers, application and program language interfaces are copied from disk.
Furthermore, the interface card can be tested.
A convenient feature is the uninstall option, that enables you to completely remove the installed software without side effects, even drivers in the Windows directories are removed properly.

ines software complies full with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems requirements and 32 bit application programs (e.g. HP-VEE 5.0). Execute 'setup' and the product will be installed in a few minutes.


The Ines IEEE488 software package consists of low level drivers and a set of DLLs (Dynamic-Link-Libraries) for interfacing to programming languages and applications. There are also applications provided, like the Hardware Test that checks the card and looks for attached GPIB devices and the Interactive Control Program called WALI (Windows Advanced Look to IEEE) that is well suited to experiment with the GPIB bus without the need of an installed programming language.

Online Manual

The Online Manual completes the package. Printed documentation is out of date at the time it is printed. Only Online documents can be updated as needed. Another advantage is the full text search feature that leads to the information quicker than a printed index.

IEEE488.2 Device Driver

Especially for the use as device (Talker/Listener interface) Ines offers an "IEEE488.2 Device Driver" software. The device driver is compatible with all major operating systems such as VxWorks®, LynxOS, pSOS, OS/9, OS/9000 etc. The device driver is available as 'C' source code for all processors (Intel, HP, Motorola, Sun etc.) on the market.

IEEE488 DOS Software Package

In the days of graphical environments and GUI interfaces, DOS seems to be a little out of date. But for good reasons, it will remain in the next years: Real-time capability, at least to some degree, simplicity, lightweightness, quick installation and years of experience using DOS make it valuable. For these reasons, Ines continues supporting DOS. For using the PCMCIA card, additional Card Services are required.

The DOS Software Package consists of the device drivers that are installed in 'config.sys', the IEEE488.2 basic I/O system, the programming language interfaces and the application interfaces. The Interactive Control Program ALI is suited to experiment with the GPIB bus without the need of an installed programming language.

The Ines ieee488.2-BIOS

To be able to achieve high transfer rates, the software is split into the command interpreter and the BIOS. The Ines ieee488.2-BIOS contains IEEE-488.2 routInes optimized for speed. The user can use interrupt calls to gain access to the ieee488-BIOS and achieve high transfer rates in programmed I/O. This transfer performance is generally adequate in the practice as it greatly exceeds what most measurement devices are capable of transferring. 

The Ines ieee488-C-Library

For the 'C' programming language a special C-Library was developed. This way the ieee488 driver with all commands becomes part of the according 'C' dialect. The C-Library is available for DOS and Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.

LPT and COM redirection

The automatic redirection of all LPT and COM interfaces can be done with a simple PRINTER command. Easy to use file transfer Direct data transfer between systems, for example between two computers, is accomplished with the ENTFILE and OUTFILE commands. With the help of these functions, it is possible to transfer data files of any size from one hard disk to the other.

Memory management

Ines-ieee488 offers commands such as MEMSET, INMEM, and MEMVEC to reserve main memory in the computer for storing measurement values. This considerably reduces the programming which needs to be done. Reserving memory protects the measurement values from being overwritten by other data.

Interactive supervision and control

Ines-ieee488 offers an interactive program to quickly gain experience with the measurement devices attached to the system. With the communication program ALI (Advanced Look to IEEE), you can create complex command sequences, set up loops, wait for an SRQ before accessing a measurement device, or read and transfer data directly into a data file with the name specified in the ENTFILE command.


Application's compatibility Programming language support
DOS All GPIB applications written originally for the NEC µPD 7210c

GfS Dia/Dago PC

Keithley Asyst

National Instruments LabWindows®

Better Basic
GW Basic
Microsoft® Quick Basic
Microsoft® Visual Basic®
Power Basic
TransEra HT-Basic
True Basic
Turbo Basic
Borland Turbo C
Lattice C
Microsoft® C
Quick C

Fortran 77
Microsoft® Fortran
Professional Fortran

Borland Turbo Pascal
Microsoft® Pascal

16 bit

Windows® 3.x
Windows® 95/98 using 16bit applications

All GPIB applications written originally for the NEC µPD 7210c.


Datalog DASYLab
GfS Digis and DIAdem
Keithley/CEC TestPoint
LabTech Notebook

National Instruments LabWindows® National Instruments LabView®
National Instruments Measure

HP-Basic for Windows
Microsoft® Visual Basic®
TransEra HT-Basic <=V6.3

Borland C++
Microsoft® Visual C++®

Borland Turbo Pascal


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