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SM2040, SM2042, SM2044

6-1/2 digit DMM


  • DC Voltage and Current
  • AC Voltage and Current
    • True RMS
    • Peak-to-Peak
    • Crest Factor
    • Median
  • Resistance
    • 2-wire
    • 4-wire
    • 6-wire Guarded Meas.
    • Extended Meas. to 1G(omega)
  • RTD Temperature Meas.
  • Diode V/I Characterization
  • Capacitance Measurement
  • Inductance Measurement
  • Leakage Measurement
  • Time Measurements
    • Variable Threashold
    • Frequency and Period
    • Duty Cycle
    • Pulse Width
    • Totalizer, Event counter
  • Source & Measure Functions
    • DC Voltage
    • AC Voltage
    • DC Current
    • Internal Temperature
  • Environment Friendly
    • Low Power & Heat
  • Minimal Materials Usage


The SM2040 is a family 6-1/2 digit DMMs that plugs into any PC PCI bus slot. It has all the functionality and performance of a bench top instrument, and a lot more. The SM2042 adds frequency, timing  capacitance, temperature, event counting, external triggering and programmable level trigger. The SM2044 has an amazing set of additional features that go beyond any existing DMM. It can measure Inductance, it has a 6-wire guarding with force and sense lines, for measuring resistance networks and resistors in circuit. Leakage is measured with a programmable voltage level. It also adds,  Peak-to-Peak voltage, Crest factor and up-to 1,000 MOhms range. Several built in sources; DCV, ACV and DCI are fully programmable with variable level and frequency. Practically a built in calibrator.

The PC plug in design provides the convenience of automated measurement cost effectively in the smallest possible footprint with no compromise in performance. There is no dealing with unnecessary interconnecting data or power cables. Signal leads go straight from the SM2040 in your PC to the device under test or scanner. It couldn't be more straight forward. Also the S/W is simpler since the intermediary IEEE488 controller language is eliminated.

The front panel for the SM2040 appears on your PC monitor. All of the familiar DMM controls are available on this virtual front panel. You have the option to control the SM2040 without any programming or configuration using your mouse to manipulate the virtual front panel controls straight out of the box.

Software Features

  • Extensive Windows support, Win 95/98, Win NT
  • Language support - Visual Basic, MSVisual C++, Borland C++
  • Package support - LabView, LabWindows/CVI, TestPoint, ATEasy, Matlab, VBA & more


  • Automated production testing
  • Laboratory automation
  • Portable/field test

Automated applications can be configured using Visual Basic, C, LabView, LabWindows/CVI, TestPoint, ATEasy, Matlab, Delphi and more. To get you started, source code for the virtual front panel (written in Visual Basic) is provided with your SM2040.

The SM2040 is controlled with high level commands to its on-board controller. The controller both simplifies programming and minimizes overhead on the PC. This architecture also insures that the SM-2040 will operate well with all operating systems even those with slower real time response.

For safety and accuracy the SM2040 has a 300V isolation barrier from the PC, making it a true differential instrument. The rugged input protection is virtually indestructible. Accuracy is maintained with state of the art, precision components.


Download PDF of SM2040,42,44 specification tables.

Evaluation Engineering Article On PC Based DMMs

Open EE Article PDF

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