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DISCONTINUED  ISA 2 Channel Oscilloscope

When you put a TP208 in your PC, you turn it into an extensive multifunctional measuring instrument. The TP208 offers you a combination of a wide input sensitivity range (20 mV - 80 V full scale) and fast measuring speeds (20 MHz / 2 channels).


The 32 kByte/channel acquisition memory can be freely setup to your own demands: selectable record lengths from 10 to 32K samples and a user definable division into pre- and post trigger memory. This, together with the fully adjustable trigger system makes that you don't need to miss an event anymore.

An extra feature of the TP208 is the square wave generator output. This output can be used for e.g. calibrating the probes, but also for e.g. triggering a Device Under Test.

Main Features

Some key specifications of the TP208 are: 8 bits resolution, 2 channels and an input range of 20 mvolt .. 80 volt full scale; 20 MHz sampling on 2 channels; easy-to-install ISA card, no IRQ or DMA required. The A/D converters have a very high number of effective bits, necessary for measuring a spectrum with a good signal to noise ratio. The TP208 also has a signal generator with a frequency from 100 Hz to 100 kHz.


The software for the TP208 turns your PC into an oscilloscope, a multi-display True RMS voltmeter, a spectrum analyzer and a transient recorder. See the signal shape, the frequency spectrum and over 15 different key values of your input signals at the same time! You can save these signals to disk and recall them in a later stage to examine them again. Or you print them using the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) hardcopy function.


Input Channels 2 analog
Output Channels 1 digital
A/D Converter  
Resolution 8 bits = 0.39%
Effective Data Throughput 20,000,000 samples/sec
Conversion time 50 nsec
Analog Input  
Sensitivity   20 mvolt .. 80 volt full scale, each channel individually
Maximum Voltage 1:1   200 volt AC 50 Hz
Maximum Voltage 1:10   600 volt AC 50 Hz
Impedance   1 MOhm / 20 pF
Coupling   AC / DC
Accuracy   2% 1 LSB
Bandwidth   DC to 20 MHz
Trigger system digital, 2 levels
Level Adjustment 0 - 100% of full scale
Resolution 0.39% (8 bits)
Pre Trigger 0 - 32768 samples (0 - 100%)
Post Trigger 0 - 32768 samples (0 - 100%)
Memory 32 kByte/channel
I/O address 0 .. $3FF, dipswitch selectable; $300 factory default
+5 800 mA
+12 250 mA
-12 100 mA
height 140 mm (5.5")
length 245 mm (9.6")
width 20 mm (0.8")
weight 250 gram (8.8 ounce)
Accessories 2 oscilloscope probes 1:1 - 1:10 switchable

PC Hardware Requirements

Base Memory 2 Mbytes
Free Memory 1 Mbytes
Operating System DOS 3.3 or Higher
Processor 286 or Higher
Floppy Drive 720 Kbytes
Display Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA

Ordering information



The TP208 package includes software, user manual, 2 probes (1:1-1:10) an a sub-D connector.



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