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Synchronous RS422/485 4MBits/sec HDLC Serial Communications PCMCIA Card


The HD717 uses an industry standard Serial Communications Controller Chip to support serial data formats such as HDLC, X25, Monosync and Bisync.  The same controller can also support various asynchronous data formats.  Because this controller can support up to 4MBits/sec on both TX and RX channels concurrently, it needs extra data buffering for use in high latency operating systems like Windows.  What makes the HD717 is unique is that rather than relying on the measly 4 byte buffer on-chip, we supplemented it with 4KByte FIFOs for both TX and RX data.  This means that even at maximum rate, the HD717 card can still maintain its data flow with under/over runs.

Technical Features

Zilog 85233 SCC chip with unique supplementary 4KByte TX and RX FIFOs
Bit-synchronous data rates up 4MBits/sec with RS422 differential interfaces, including HDLC, X25 etc
RS422 drivers can be tri-stated under software control to allow half-duplex RS485 operation
SCC supports RTZ, NRZ, NRZL, FM0 and FM1 encoding of serial data
Flexible clock routing and generation architecture, supplementary to SCC's own baud rate generators
SCC also supports asynchronous serial modes up to 1MBaud
Fast interrupt driven architecture with access to FIFO flags as well as SCCs internal status registers
Card also implements a low-rate data channel (unrelated to SCC) for use with flight recorder playback
8 general purpose digital I/O lines for monitoring and/or control
Card comes with Elan's Card Center Pro software with sample C++ code.
Drivers for DOS included in CCP.  Windows drivers are currently under development.
Automatic O.S. recognition and configuration.  Hot swappable PCMCIA 2.1+ compliant TypeII design
Low power consumption: Typical 35mA at 5V, with software support for reduced power sleep mode
Supplied with 1m Type30 cable.  Connector latches into PC Card for security. Terminates to DB37 Female with male screw jacks
Can be fitted with Elan's unique Strain Relief Assembly to ruggedize the PC Card to cable connection (optional extra), product code "SRA1"

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