DAQ i148

High Performance Data Acquisition PCMCIA


  • 600kS/s multifunction DAQ PCMCIA card with 32 bit VXD driver for Microsoft® Windows® 95/98 and kernel driver for Microsoft® Windows NT® and Windows® 2000 operating systems.
  • 2 x 14 bit ADC (2 x 300kHz), 8 single-ended / 4 differential analogue input channels with trigger and pre-trigger functions.
  • 8 digital I/O ports, TTL compatible, 4mA maximum current, pull-up and pull-down resistors switchable by software.
  • Easy installation: SETUP program helps installing drivers, Online-Help, test and example programs.
  • 2 x 22 V / 3,8mA power lines for Piezo Electric Accelerometers.
  • 64kbyte FIFO buffer for high-speed transfer and continual sampling without interruption, amount of data depends only on hard disk capacity.


The DAQ for PCMCIA i148 card is a type II PCMCIA I/O card for notebooks and other computers containing a PCMCIA slot. The card has a sleep mode function so that it can operate efficiently in battery-powered computers.

The card offers 8 (2x4) analogue input channels that multiplex on 2 parallel functioning 14 bit A/D converters. The card's maximum conversion rate is 2x300kHz so that a total of 600000 samples per second can be reached. In addition, there are 8 digital, TTL compatible, inputs and outputs.

The card works with Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/ME, Windows NT® and Windows® 2000 operating systems.


The DAQ for PCMCIA i148 can be used in many environments for automation of machines, process monitoring and control, instrumentation and electronic test functions. Low-power sleep mode makes the card a practical choice for developing portable data aquisition systems.

The 2 x 300 kHz multichannel analogue inputs can be used for signal and transient analysis, voltage measurement and data logging. Due to the two parallel functioning A/D converters (typical time delay less than 2 ns), the system is ideal for differential measuring. The high resolution of 0.3 mV in the basic +/- 2.5V range allows it to be used as a recorder and storage oscilloscope. The 8 digital I/O lines can be used for machine and process control, intermachine communication and relay switching control.

Analog Input

All eight analogue input channels have an input impedance of 10 MOhm with an input capacity of 20pF. All inputs are provided with overvoltage protection up to +/-35V.

In the basic +/- 2.5V range (gain 2) resolving is done in steps of 0.305mV. The measuring range is variable (requires modification in connector or special cable): +/- 5V can be selected using a shorting bar. Using the external resistors, one can utilize any input amplification you want. Alternatively, the 8 (2x4) A/D input channels can be combined to a total of 4 differential inputs.

The conversion rate ranges from 305Hz to 300kHz and can be set by software. To assure a high data rate, the i148 has a 64kByte FIFO buffer (2 x 16384 samples) that prevents digitalized data from being lost. Triggering and sampling into the FIFO buffer is controlled by cards hardware entirely.

The i148 can acquire data in the sampling modes:

  • Individual sampling of various channels.
  • Alternate sampling of all the channels (order can be set, two channels sampled at a time).
  • Continous sampling of two channels simultaneously.
  • As above, but with triggering (signal edge or threshold value). Pretrigger is adjustable. Recording depth is 32768 values.
  • Sampling at intervals set by controlling software.


The start of the data acquisition is triggered by level or signal edge. It can be triggered when there is a fall below or a rise above a certain level. Also, the trigger can be set by recognition of a falling or rising signal edge.

Since the trigger is hardware controlled, no time delay arises between a triggering condition and the start of recording. This eliminates the loss of data during the trigger state. The trigger starts acquisition on both converters at once.

Digital I/O

8 digital I/O lines provide TTL compatible level, the maximum current is 4mA. Pull-up or pull-down resistors are software selectable.


The card works with Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/ME, Windows NT® and Windows® 2000 operating systems.

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