DIO i403

40 Channel Digital I/O PCMCIA

Main Features

  • PCMCIA type II PC-Card with 32 bit VXD driver for Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/ME and kernel driver for Microsoft® Windows NT® and Windows® 2000 operating systems.
  • 3 16bit timers / counters (event or frequency counting), max. 8MHz input frequency.
  • Low power consumption: 15mW (5V,3mA) typ.
  • 40 digital I/O lines: Configurable pull up / pull down resistors. Lines can sink/source up to 4mA. Open drain mode selectable.
  • 4MHz clock and +5V/200mA (for power supply of external devices) available at connector


The DIO i403 PCMCIA (PC-Card) is a type II PCMCIA I/O card for notebooks and other computers containing a PCMCIA slot. The card uses very little power (3mA typ. without load) so it can operate in battery-powered computers. The card offers 40 digital, TTL level compatible, I/O lines and 3 counters with clock and gate inputs that can be used for event count or frequency measurement. The digital ports can source/sink up to 4mA at TTL levels. All lines have 47k software programmable pull-up or pull-down resistors.

The card works with Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/ME, Windows NT® and Windows® 2000 operating systems.


The number of ports and the versatile application makes this card ideal for use in general steering applications or for developing custom interfaces to proprietary cards that do not use or need a standardized interface.


Ordering Information

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