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8 Channel, 12 Bit D/A for PCMCIA

Main Features

  • 8 analog outputs 
  • 12-bit D/A resolution 
  • 8 digital I/O bits 
  • Simultaneous or independent D/A updates 
  • Low Cost 



Specifications: Analog Output 

Resolution 12-bits
Output ranges ±5V 1 LSB = 2.44mV
D/A pacing  Software-paced
Throughput System-dependent 50 kHz typical
Data transfer Programmed I/O
D/A trigger modes Software
Form Factor PCMCIA type II compliant

Specifications: Accuracy

Absolute Accuracy  ±4.0 LSB
Typical Accuracy  ±1.8 LSB
Slew Rate ± 1.6 V/µs min
Settling Time  8.0 µs typical (to ˝ LSB)
Current Drive ±1 mA min
Output short duration Indefinite @ 15 mA
Output coupling DC
Output impedance 0.1 ohms max 

Specifications: Digital I/O


Two ports, four bits each.

Programmable as

8 input, or 8 output, or 4 input / 4 output

Input low voltage

0.8V max

Input high voltage

2.0V min

Out low voltage (IOL = 4 mA)

0.23V max

Out high voltage (IOH = ?4mA)

3.86V min

Absolute maximum input voltage

0.5V , +5.5V

Power-up / reset state

Input mode (high Z)

Interrupt enable


Interrupt source

Ext. Interrupt triggered

Specifications: Environmental

Operating Temp

0 to 70°C

Storage Temp

40 to 100°C


0 to 95% non-condensing

Specifications: Mechanical

Power Consumption

+5V quiescent

Normal Operation

42 mA typical, 110 mA max.

CIS Read

57 mA typical, 135 mA max.


Includes InstaCal®, installation, calibration and test software. Supported by the Universal Library  programming language drivers as well as SoftWIRE, LabVIEW and most popular third party software packages.

Cables / Screw Terminals

PC-CARD-C37F/26 / CIO-MINI37 37-contact screw terminal board or SCB-37 Shielded screw terminal box

Ordering Information

TS-C-DAC08 8 Channel, 12 Bit D/A for PCMCIA Pricing and order online at for current information.



Pricing and order online at for current information.


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