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Portable 12-bit RTD Input System


  • 12-bit data acquisition, upgradeable to 16-bit
  • Eight channels RTD input
  • Platinum, copper, nickel and nickel-iron RTD types supported
  • Jumper excitation current source selection of 1mA, 0.5mA & .25mA
  • Supports 2,3 and 4-wire RTD configurations
  • DIP switch gain selection of 1, 10, 100
  • On-board low-pass filter for each channel
  • Lightweight ruggedized plastic portable housing unit
  • 9 -25 VDC power required (DC power adapter included with unit)
  • On/Off Power switch and LED indicator
  • External trigger source input with BNC connector
  • CD with board level drivers included
  • Optional Terminal Panel for easy wiring


Team Solutions TS-C-9250-SYS is a complete portable data acquisition and RTD conditioning system. The basic system includes the TS-C-PCM12 12-bit PCMCIA data acquisition card and the PSC portable 8 channel RTD conditioning unit. For those requiring 16-bit data acquisition, the bundle can be upgraded to include a TS-C-PCM16. Using our P111 (which uses a PCI interface), enables sharing the system among any number of laptop and desktop machines.

Each PSC channel is equipped with a separate instrument amplifier, two excitation current source options, and a low pass filter. Each channel has gain selection of 1,10, or 100, and excitation current selection of 1.0mA, 0.5mA and 0.25mA. The included terminal block provides input screw terminal blocks, excitation current sources, and input gain instrument amplifiers for each of the eight RTD inputs.


  • Card: DIN-48 male, mates with connector inside housing unit
  • Enclosure: DIN-37 mates with connector on PCMP cable
SIGNAL CONNECTION: DIN-48 female, mates with screw terminal block for easy connection
POWER REQUIREMENTS: +5V: 20mA (typ), +15V: 30mA (typ), -15V: 30mA (typ)
RTD types supported
470 500 1000
100 120        
604 908.4 1816.81      
Accuracy and Resolution:
Type Range Accuracy Resolution(12-bit/16-bit)
100 Platinum -100°C to +600°C 0.4°C 0.3°C/0.1°C
120 Nickel -80°C to 260°C 0.15°C 0.3°C/0.1°C
Excitation Current: 1.0mA, 0.5mA, 0.25mA
  • Output Impedance:1990
  • Compliance:12V
RTD Configuration: 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire
Input Bias Current: ±0.5pA (typ), ±2pA (max)
Input Offset Voltage: ±(0.01+0.2/G)µV/°C (typ);±(0.05+0.1/G)µV/°C (max)
Input Offset Drift: ±(0.1+0.5/G)µV/°C (typ); ±(0.25+100/G)µV/°C (max)
Input Type: Differential
Gain Range: 1, 10, 100
Gain Error:

X1: 0.005%(typ) 0.024%(max)
X10,X100: 0.005%(typ) 0.024%(max)

Input Impedance: 10 G
Gain Nonlinearity: X1, X10, X100: ±0.0004% of FS (typ) ±0.001% of FS (max)
Gain Temperature Coefficient: X1, X10, X100: ±2.5ppm/°C (typ) ±10ppm/°C(max)
Common Mode Rejection: X1: 80dB (min) 99dB(typ)
X10: 96dB (min) 114dB (typ)
X100: 110dB (min) 123dB (typ)
Cutoff Frequency(-3dB): 5Hz

The 9250-SYS comes with a terminal block that has a DIN-48 male connection which plugs into the PCS. It is equipped with a strain relief bracket to secure external RTD wiring. The terminal block supplies excitation current sources and input gain instrument amplifiers for each of the 8 RTD inputs on the 9250-SYS. These RTD A/D input gain and excitation current sources are configured via switches and jumpers on the terminal block.


Terminal Block:

8.78" x 5.571" x 1.56"
100mm x 100mm

  • Terminal Block
  • DC Power Adapter
  • CP-QTE cable used for dasy-chaining multiple SignalPro units.
  • 16-bit upgrade: Upgrades any 9200-SYS system to 16-bit by replacing TS-C-PCM12 with TS-C-PCM16
  • PCI Upgrade: P111 PCI adapter permits utilizing any PCMCIA-based system in a desktop computer.



Driver CD (free with the PCM Board) includes software which supports numerous programming languages, including Microsoft C/C++, Borland C/C++, QuickBasic, Turbo Pascal, and VisualBasic. Dynamic Link Libraries are provided as a universal programming interface for development languages targeted for Microsoft Windows. 16-bit VisualBasic Controls are also provided.

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Strain Relief Kit, Terminal Block, Cables, etc.

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