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TE5200-PXI Series, TE5300 PCI Plug-in Card

PXI, PCI Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Download TE5200/5201/5300 PDF


PXI Setup CD

PCI Setup CD

Manual PDF


  • 125 MS/Sec clock with 10 digits resolution (TE5300)

  • 100 MS/Sec clock with 10 digits resolution (TE5201)

  • 50 MS/Sec clock with 10 digits resolution (TE5200)

  • Multiple instrument synchronization

  • 14-bit vertical resolution

  • 2 Meg memory depth

  • Ultra fast waveform downloads using DMA

  • Low phase noise carrier

  • Internal trigger gen.

  • Sequence generator

  • Frequency agility:  FSK, Ramped FSK, sweep, FM


The TE520x is a 50MS/Sec, full performance, Arbitrary Waveform Generator on a 3U PXI format or straight PCI format .  The single channel AWG generates waveforms with up to 2MS in length.  Clock in/clock out connector provides a synchronized platform for up to six plug-in arbitrary generators, as well as for other plug-in instruments. Built in sequencing technology links up to 99 memory segments and repeats each segment up to 32K times.

Main Features

Three powerful tools in one software package:  Instrument control panel, Waveform composer and FM signal composer

Detailed virtual front panels control all TE520x functions and modes

Wave composer generates, edits and downloads complex waveforms

FM wave composer generates and downloads complex modulating signals

Automatic detection of active instruments

Equation editor generates waveforms from equations

SCPI command and response editor simulates ATE operation

Translates waveform coordinates from ASCII and other format simplifies generation of complex sequences.


The TE520x supports Plug-and-Play operating system.  Using the Graphical User Interface, your TE520x will be up an running within seconds of installation. Just point and click to perform all set-up and control functions.  To further increase productivity and to automate set up and control procedures, the TE520x is provided with a 32 bit DLL allowing users to easily customize drivers.  Programming examples for most popular textual and graphical programming environments are provided.  The S/W is compatible with Windows 95/98 NT and 2000.

Download TE520x/5300 Software 

PXI Version TE5200

TE520x Setup CD Image Zip File

PCI Version TE5300

TE5300 Setup CD Image Zip File


Please Download the TE520x PDF File for complete instrument specifications.

You will need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 to view this file.



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