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PXI Based Wideband Amplifier



  • 20MHz Bandwidth

  • 40V p-p into open and 20V p-p into 50Ω

  • Low distortion

  • Gain X10 or customized

  • 50Ω, 75Ω, or 600Ω Output Impedance

  • 50Ω or 1MΩ Input Impedance

  • 3U, Single Slot, PXI Card


The TE5220 is a PXI Based, Wideband Signal Amplifier. The TE5220 is designed to overcome common a problem in PXI based sources. PXI (and PCI) based sources can not produce high voltage signals. The 12V rails in the PXI chassis will support a maximum of 16V p-p into open or 8Vp-p into 50Ω. The TE5220 can be used with a wide variety of PXI sources (TE5100 Signal source, TE5201 AWG) to boost signal to 40V p-p.




        Automatic Test Systems


        A/D Converters

        Emulation of high level signals


The TE5220 is provided with a Graphic User Interface. Can run in almost all current or recent Windows operating systems (Win98/ME/2000/XP). The DLL provides all programming and control commands.


Input Characteristics,

Connector                                BNC

            Impedance                               50Ω, 1MΩ, DC coupled

            Maximum Input Voltage            50Ω, 2V; 1MΩ, 5V

            Frequency Range                       DC to 20MHz


Output Characteristics


            Connector                                BNC

            Impedance                               50Ω, 75Ω, 600Ω, DC

            Protection                                 Short Circuit, 10 Second

            Gain                                         x10 fixed. Can be custom set at the factory

            Polarity                         Output normal or inverted

            Amplitude                                 0V to 20V p-p, into matching impedance

                                                            0V to 40V into high impedance

      Square Wave Characteristics

            Transition Time             <15nSec

            Aberrations                              <5%


      Sine Wave Characteristics

            Bandwidth (-3dB)

                 Small Signal             50MHz, at 2Vp-p

                 Large Signal                        20MHz, at 20Vp-p

           Gain Accuracy              2% of full-scale +25mV, 1KHz         

            Flatness (10Vp-p)                    5% of amp. to 1MHz; 10% of amp. to 20MHz.

            THD                                        0.1%, 10Hz to 100KHz

            Harmonics (10Vp-p)                <-50dBc, 100KHz to 5MHz

                                                            <-40dBc, 5MHz to 20MHz


            Physical                                    Single slot, 3U, PXI module

            Power Requirements                 7.2W maximum

            Current Consumption                +5V @ 3.5A Max.

Signal Ground                           Floated to the same level as the source, 250V                        dc+ peak ac max.

EMC Certification                    CE

Reliability                                  MTBF per MIL-HDBK-217E, 25C, Ground Benign

Safety                                       Designed to meet IEC EN61010, UL3111-1

Workmanship                           Conform to IPC-A-610D



Operating Temp                       0C - 50C RH 80% (non condensing)

Storage Temp                           -30C - 80C

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