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PXI 16 Channel 100 MHz, High Speed, 512 KB Samples / Channel Digital Output Board/Pattern Generator



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Main Features

  • Up to 100 MHz Internal Sequential Clock Rate

  • 16 channels

  • 512 KB Samples Per Pin/Channel

  • 8 programmable output level voltages
  • Hi-impedance features per ch, per step
  • 2 events input channels
  • External clock input
  • Conditional and Un-conditional Jumps, Loops and more
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP



The TE8200 is a PXI Based, high speed Pattern Generator providing 16 Ch (expendable to 64 Ch) of up to 100MHz data Patterns. The programmable output voltage level and the advanced sequencer, makes the TE8200 the ideal instrument to provide complex, long and fast digital data.


  • Automatic Test Procedure

  • R&D

  • ASICs

  • A/D

  • Logic Analyzer

  • Boundary Scan Emulation

Software Interface

The TE8200 has an extensive Graphical User Interface. The PG-Editor can run in almost all current or recent windows operating systems (Win98/ME/2000/XP). The DLL provides all programming functionality and control commands as well as conversion from Binary and Text files in to the TE8200 buffer.



Specification & Features



Power Source

PXI bus-power (+5V)

Static Power Dissipation


Max Power Dissipation

< 2.5W

Protection fuse

Re-settable Fuse (750mA)

Hardware Interface


Number of Output Channels

16 (ch-0~ch-15)

Clock System

Internal Operation Clock Range

100MHz ~ 1Hz

Internal Operation Clock Mode

Fine tune

Clock Output Channels

1 Channel (ch-19; = Vo Type)

External Clock Range


External Operation Clock Mode

Internal/External Clock Logic Not , And

External Clock Input Ch

1 Channel (ch-18; = Vo Type)

Data Flow Control

Wait for Event
Branch(If command)

Output Voltage Type (Vo Type)

5V, 3.3V, 3V, 2.8V, 2.5V, 2.1V, 1.8V, 1.5V, Hi-Z

Fan out

20mA/ea. (Total < 200mA)

Data Skew

< 3ns


Total Memory Size

16M bits

Memory Depth



Internal Event

Hot Key

External Event Channel

2 (ch-16, ch-17)

External Event Mode

Events Not, Or

External Event Threshold

Same as Vo Type


Operating Temperature

5 C ~ 45 C (41 F ~ 113 F)

Storage Temperature

-40 C ~ 75 C (-40 F ~ 167 F)

Software Features

Operating System

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP



Save & Load Waveform


Print Waveform


Online Help


Regular Waveform Generator

Synchronous Counter
Asynchronous Counter

Waveform Editing Interface

Waveform Drawing

Waveform Conversion

Team-LA wave convert (.LAW)
Team-PG vector convert (.PGV)
Altera vector convert (.TBL)


Length x Width x Height (mm)

3U, Single slot


Ordering information


PXI 16 Channel, 512 KB Per Pin, Digital Output/Pattern Generator




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