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PXI, cPCI Modular Embedded Controllers

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  • CPU Intel mobile Pentium 266MHz to Pentium III 400MHz/750MHz
  • Max. 256MB DRAM
  • PXI™ 2.0 / CompactPCI® 3.0 compatible
  • GPIB (IEEE-488.2) interface
  • Integrated 10/100Mbit Ethernet
  • Standard PC interfaces
  • Modular concept separates processor and mechanical drives
  • High serviceability
  • Flexible Interface Configuration


Modular Capabilities for Flexibility And Control

TSI’s modular approach to PXI embedded controllers provides maximum flexibility and upgradeability for most, if not all, PXI embedded controller requirements.  The TE9500 series of embedded controllers is based on the industry proven ETX processor mount form factor.  And, regardless of whether you choose a power saving Pentium CPU or a high performance Pentium III, the TE9500’s integrated interfaces and upgradeable options apply across all models of the TE9500 series of controllers.  The TE9500 series gives you the ability to control your controller.


The Heart Of A System

TSI’s TE9500 series modular embedded controller is comprised of a three-layer “stack” containing a central interface card for external connections, a carrier card to host the ETX format based CPU and another to host a Laptop style hard drive.  This “stack” is what gives the TE9500 its amazing upgradeability, flexibility and control. 

The TE9500 series is field/user upgradeable from a 266MHz CPU to the fastest ETX based CPU technology available and from basic 10GB hard drives to the highest capacity available.  Thus giving the user the ability to upgrade and apply increased horsepower when it’s needed and as it becomes available.  The ROI for the TE9500 series of embedded controllers can now be spread over many generations of CPU upgrades and other enhancements in technology.

The unique modular structure provides for ease of maintenance and serviceability. The down time with the TE9500 series is kept to a minimum thanks to the Plug-In nature of the various components, further enhancing the ROI for the TE9500.



  • 256 kByte, full speed L2 on-die cache  
  • 128Mb SDRAM  (256Mb optional)
  • 10GB Hard Drive minimum (higher optional)
  • Keyboard and mouse interface
  • Floppy disk controller up to 2.88 MB
  • Parallel port ECP/EPP compatible
  • Two USB interface
  • IEEE-488 GPIB Interface
  • Video controller: C&T  69030
  • Video memory: 4 MByte
  • Resolution: 1/4 VGA, VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, and UXGA 
  • Flat panel interface for TFT, STN, DSTN, EL, and Plasma panels
  • 10Base-T and 100Base-TX Internet interface
  • Diskless, keyboardless, videoless operation
  • MS Windows 2000 installed
  • Support For Windows NT/Embedded, VxWorks, QNX, Linux and others on request.

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