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Power DAQ Software Suite

A comprehensive suite of "ready to use" software solutions supplied on a convenient CD-ROM. It includes:
PowerDAQ SDK including drivers for Windows and Linux; example programs in all popular languages; drivers for major 3rd-party packages, ProfessorDAQ Lite, an Excel add-in and Online documentation in PDF.

You can select examples by product, and board type. Read descriptions of the program and then download them.


Full PowerDAQ Software Suite (Supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me)
NEW!! Download ver 2.2.4 | 16-Nov-2001 | 14 MB  Be sure to rename back to .exe after download.
ProfessorDAQ Lite (Demo)
ver 2.0 | 24-Feb-2001 | 6.0 MB  Be sure to rename back to .exe after download.
PowerDAQ for Linux driver
NEW!! Download ver 1.3 | 20-Nov-2001 | 250 kB

Power DAQ Manuals


UEI Specification PDF's

PDXI AO.PDF UEI PXI/cPCI Analog Output Boards
PDXI MF.PDF  UEI PXI/cPCI Multifunction Data Acquisition Boards
PDXI MFS.PDF UEI PXI/cPCI Simultaneous Sampling Multifunction Data Acquisition Boards


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