What's New At Team Solutions, Inc.


  • Multi-network LAN Cable Testers and Toolkits

  • Handheld Digital Multimeter's (DMM)

  • FireXpress 250, FireXpress 250 Combo, FireXpress 350 Combo and FireXpress 350 USB2 Combo, External Data Storage With FireWire and USB communication support: 

  • LA2000P Series logic analyzers with up to 2MB memory and advanced trigger capability.

  • Low profile PCI to PCMCIA Read/Write bay and PCI to Compact Flash Read/Write bay.

  • PCI to PCMCIA and CardBus Read/Write bay.

  • IEEE488 (GPIB, HPIB) PMC Card

  • 2 Port PCMCIA USB 2.0 (1.x) Card.

  • PCI and PCMCIA to PCI Expansion Systems

  • Microsoft Windows CE Drivers now available for the Ines DAQ-i148

  • KVM Keyboard Video Mouse Controllers for multi-system management.

  • Compact Flash Data Acquisition CardCF241 - 40 KSPS,  24-bit, 4-Channel ADC, 12-bit 2-Channel DAC, DIO Multifunction DAQ Compact Flash Card.

  • Acute Technologies PkPG2116, 512 kb per channel, 16 channel, USB Pattern Generator will be NOW available. Truly portable power packs more punch!

  • We have moved! Our new corporate offices are located in Laguna Hills, CA.  We are now located at 27071 Cabot Road, Suite 124.  Cabot Road runs parallel to the 5 freeway one the south side of the 5 and we are between Oso Parkway and Crown Valley Parkway.  If you are in the neighborhood, call us and drop by for a visit! Our new Phone number is 949.348.7766.  We'll keep a fresh pot of coffee on for you.

  • Microsoft Windows CE Drivers are now available for the Ines i218 PCMCIA Data Acquisition card.  We have created the driver for the DAP Technologies ruggedized handheld computer.  Visit their site at www.daptech.com for the product information. We have partnered with Karl Buiter of Orange Zephyr, www.orangezephyr.com, specializing in handheld enterprise applications and programming  to help us create drivers for the Ines line of PCMCIA data acquisition cards.  Contact us today for handheld driver, processor and application support.

  • $99.00 USB 8 Channel Data Acquisition Module (LabJack U12).

  • PXI Switching Cards, Relay Drivers And Digital I/O Cards.

  • PXI/cPCI UEI DAQ, A/O and DIO Boards

  • TE9500 Series Of Embedded Controllers.

  • PCMCIA Data Acquisition Cards including 8 Channel Analog Output and serial Communication cards.

  • USB and PCI Logic Analyzers and Pattern Generators From Acute Technologies.

  • Linux Drivers are available for Ines PCI and PCMCIA GPIB Cards.

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