125 MS/s PCI Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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  • "SPECIAL ORDER" : Returnable only for warranty/repair
  • 125 MS/Sec TCXO clock with 10 digits resolution
  • Multiple instrument synchronization
  • 14-bit vertical resolution
  • 2 Meg memory depth
  • Ultra fast waveform downloads using DMA
  • Low phase noise carrier
  • Internal trigger generator
  • Sequence generator
  • Frequency agility: FSK, Ramped FSK, sweep, FM


The TE5300 is a 125MS/Sec, full performance, Arbitrary Waveform Generator on a PCI plug-in card. The single-channel AWG generates waveforms up to 2MS in length. Clock in/clock out connector provides a synchronized platform for up to six plug-in arbitrary waveform generators, as well as for other plug-in instruments. Built in sequencing technology links up to 99 memory segments and repeats each segment up to 32K times.

ï Three powerful tools in one software package: Instrument control panel, Waveform composer and FM signal composer

ï Detailed virtual front panels control all TE5300 functions and modes

ï Wave composer generates, edits and downloads complex waveforms

ï FM wave composer generates and downloads complex modulating signals

ï Automatic detection of active instruments

ï Equation editor generates waveforms from equations

ï SCPI command and response editor simulates ATE operation

ï Translation of waveform coordinates from ASCII and other formats simplifies the generation of complex sequences.

Program / Software Information

The TE5300 supports Plug-and-Play operating system. Using the Graphical User Interface, your TE5300 will be up an running within seconds of installation. Just point and click to perform all set-up and control functions. To further increase productivity and to automate set up and control procedures, the TE5300 is provided with a 32 bit DLL allowing users to easily customize drivers. Programming examples for most popular textual and graphical programming environments are provided. The S/W is compatible with Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP/7/8.

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