1GS/s 75MHz BW USB Modular Scope Pen

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  • USB Interface
  • Comes with Java software for multiple platform compatibility
  • 50MS/s 8-bit single shot
  • 1GS/s equivalent time sampling (repetitive input waveforms)
  • DC-75MHz analogue bandwidth
  • 1Meg || 15pF input impedance
  • 30V/3V/0.3V input ranges with x1 probe. 300V/30V/3V with x10 probe
  • AC or DC coupling
  • Programmable input offset
  • Programmable trigger threshold and edge modes
  • Input is galvanically isolated from USB port to 300V Cat II
  • 3000 point sample depth with pre and post trigger
  • 200mA host power consumption, with support for suspend
  • Probe compensation output signal
  • Stackable or use stand-alone
  • Body is approx. 75mm x 31mm x 17.5mm


USBscope50 marks a new era in ultra portable modular instrumentation for the PC or notebook. Using a USB1.1 or USB2.0 port on the host computer, USBscope50 offers the best of all worlds for converting your PC into a powerful diagnostic tool: tiny size, low power, low cost, modularity and high performance.

A single USBscope50 can be operated as a one-channel scope, or can be stacked with other USBscope50s to make a multi-channel solution. In this configuration, each module shares its phase and trigger status with the other modules in the stack ensuring tight channel-to-channel matching and concurrent triggering, plus each module retains a dedicated USB connection to the host ensuring independent configurability.

USBscope50 is small enough to be carried in a shirt pocket or laptop bag and yet retains features normally reserved for scopes 10 times its size. It uses standard BNC type scope probes, and is powered directly from the host port. It can be directly plugged into a host USB port or can be connected via a standard male-to-female USB cable. In multi-channel mode, this cabled operation is required and typically an external USB Hub would be used to provide the extra USB ports.

Program / Software Information

Comes with Java software on CD

View or download the manual, software, or specs from:


The software development kit is available for free dowloading from:


PDF Manual

Download USBscope50 Manual


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