6.5 Digit Digital MultiMeter

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  • DC voltage: 0.1V, 1V, 10V, 100V & 1000V.
  • AC voltage: 0.1V, 1V, 10V, 100V & 750V.
  • DC current: 10mA, 100mA, 1A & 3A.
  • AC current: 1A & 3A.
  • 2 & 4-wire resistance: 100O, 1KO, 10KO, 100KO, 1MO, 10MO &
  • 100MO.
  • Frequency: From 3Hz to 300kHz.
  • Period measurement.
  • Diode measurement.
  • Continuity measurement for resistance.
  • Thermocouple temperature & RTD measurements.


M3500A is a 6.5 digit digital multimeter. It has 0.0015% 24-hour basic
DC voltage accuracy at 10V range and 0.002% 24-hour basic resistance
accuracy at 10k ohm range. At 6.5 digit, the multimeter delivers 50
triggered RDGS/sec via remote interface. At the fast 4.5 digit setting, it reads over 2000 RDGS/sec into its internal buffer.

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Digital Multimeter (DMM)