8-channel relay output board with housing for mounting on a DIN rail

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  • Relay output board with 8 relays, cascadable in 16, 24 and 32 relays
  • Max. switching voltage: 30 VDC/277 VAC
  • Max. switching current: 10 A
  • All terminals intended for large conductor cross sections up to 2.5 mm2
  • Operating voltage display through green LED
  • Relay state display through red LED
  • Relays mounted on sockets
  • High switching capacity
  • Long-lasting life


The PX8500 is an external 8-channel relay board for the connection of digital output boards. It can be cascaded in 16, 24 and 32 relays and is intended for mounting on DIN supporting rails. The board provides a convenient interface between an industrial
process and the SUB-D connectors on ADDI-DATA boards. The change-over contacts of the relay are controlled through 24 V signals. The 24 V voltage supply is protected through varistors and transil diodes. The board is intended for the use with 220 V supply. The creeping distance (acc. to DIN VDE0110) and the connector cross sections allows high-power switching (up to 2,500 VA).
The board has a female SUB-D connector for connecting an ADDI-DATA digital 24 V output board through a standard I/O cable ST010. The red LEDs display the state of the relays (open/closed). A green LED displays the ON/OFF of the operating voltage. The 37-pin cable shielded can be grounded on both sides for the protection against high-frequency EMI.

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