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Acquisition of 16 displacement transducers

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  • *SPECIAL ORDER*1-2 weeks to shipping
  • Acquisition of 16 inductive displacement transducers
  • Half Bridge, LVDT
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 16 isolated digital I/O, 24 V


PCI interface to the 32-bit data bus
Acquisition of 16 inductive displacement transducers (Half Bridge, LVDT)
16 input channels ± 10 V
16-bit resolution
Measuring frequency up to 100 kHz
Conversion can be triggered through software
End of conversion can be inquired through software
Possibility of interrupt through digital input channels (when a data or a time value is exceeded)
PCI-DMA access
Onboard FIFO buffers
Sequence RAM
16 isolated digital I/O, 24 V
Software operation
Supported inductive transducers for APCI-3701
Standard board APCI-3701-8 or APCI-3701-16
Transducer type:

Schlumberger AGH 1
TESA GT21/22
TESA GT61/62
Mahr 1300
Mahr 1301/1303
Solartron AX1.0S
Marposs LMTFP 25 LVDT
On request - other configuration of transducer types.

Special version APCI-3701
Transducer type:

Kn‰bel transducer (50 kHz)

Noise immunity
Test level:
ESD: 4 kV
Fields: 10 V/m
Burst: 4 kV
Cond. radio interferences: 10 V

Program / Software Information

A CD-ROM with the following software and programming examples is supplied with the board.
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In preparation: standard driver like real-time driver for Windows 2000/NT/98, drivers for Linux kernel version 2.4.2

Manuals, software, data sheets, etc., are downloadable from:

Detailed Data Sheet

Download APCI-3701-16 Data Sheet


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Data Acquisition, Analog Input / Output / Multifunction