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Compact Flash to PCMCIA Extender board. (For Type I or Type II CF Slots)

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  • The CF2PCE extender board allows PCMCIA cards to be used in Compact Flash Type I or II slots


The CF2PCE extender board allows PCMCIA cards to be used in Compact Flash Type I or II slots. Typically this extender is for use in a development or production environment. The extender routes all 50 CF signals via pin-headers for DSO or Logic Analyzer connection.

There is a micro-switch to allow CD1# to be momentarily broken, simulating a card ejection / insertion, and a unique activity LED to show when bus cycles are reaching the card. All PCMCIA signals that are not part of the CF interface are connected to GND at the PCMCIA connector.

The extender also features a power LED to show when the card is live, and uses a full size Type I, II or III compatible 3.3v / 5v keyed PCMCIA connector with an ejector lever to make card extraction simple. The area under the PCMCIA connector is cut away to allow access to the back of an un-framed card.

A four layer PCB with GND flood on all planes ensures excellent signal propagation. For current consumption measurements, a 2-pin header is provided to allow Vcc to be broken and an ammeter inserted. Ceramic bypass capacitors at the PCMCIA connector ensure clean Vcc. Ample GND test points are also provided.

This product can be used with the CA101 to make a CF to CF extender.

Program / Software Information

    PCMCIA Card will be auto recognized. No Additional software is required