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Elan ECA16 High Power PC-Card Adapter for ExpressCards

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  • 16-Bit PCMCIA Card format; works in all PCMCIA slots (including CardBus hosts)
  • Compatible with all USB-mode ExpressCards including WLAN, WiMax, 3G (HSDPA and CDMA) and memory
  • Uses Elan's proven VMB5000 interface chip for maximum reliability and stability
  • Comes with drivers for Windows 2000 and XP with support also for Linux and Mac OSX also available


Do you need to use a new ExpressCard in an older laptop with only PCMCIA available? Now you can, using the ECA16. Plug in your ExpressCard, insert into your PCMCIA slot and away you go.
ECA16 Express card to PCMCIA adapter using the VMB5000

Extra power for the only reliable solution!

ExpressCards often have high power requirements. The PCMCIA port is capable of supplying the required power, but the ECA16 is the only adapter available to supply enough power to guarantee the performance of your ExpressCard. By drawing the full 5V which is only available to 16-bit PC card solutions, you can be sure that your ExpressCard won't suffer the performance problems that are associated with the lower power 32-bit adapter interface.

The ECA16 uses Elan's VMB5000 chipset and draws only minimal power for itself - another advantage of the 16-bit solution.

Using USB2 technology, the ECA16 supports high speed applications beyond 3G (including HSDPA and HSUPA ExpressCards).

The ECA16 is designed to fit snugly into your PC card slot, with only a minimal protrusion outside of your laptop.

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Comes with drivers for Windows 2000 and XP with support also for Linux and Mac OSX also available

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