IEEE-488 GPIB Device Interface IC (Chip) for the µP-Bus

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  • STD IEEE-488 capabilities SH1, AH1, T5/TE5 L3/LE3, SR1, RL1, PP1/PP2, DC1, DT1, C0
  • Register Compatible to the NEC 7210
  • 100-pin TQFP package
  • 3.3V VCC, 5.0 VIO
  • Microprocessor compatible asynchronous interface: CS#, RD#, WR#, RS0-3,
  • D0-7, RESET#, INT, DRQ, DACK#
  • requires only standard low-cost external parts to build a complete IEEE-488.2
  • conformant device (Talker/Listener) GPIB interface


Talker/Listener interface for instrumentation devices
Microprocessor Bus Interface with 5.0 VIO
NEC µPD7210 compatible register layout
100 pin TQFP package
RoHS conformant (Pb-free)

The i72110 GPIB-Chip is the ideal solution to implement a IEEE488.2 GPIB interface for instruments controlled by a microprocessor. The GPIB-ASIC is designed to meet all of the functional requirements for talker and listener (TL) devices as specified by the IEEE Standards 488.1-1987 and 488.2-1987. Connected between the microprocessor bus and the GPIB, the GPIB-IC provides high-level management of the GPIB to unburden the processor and to simplify both hardware and software design. The i72110 requires only the addition a few external components to implement a talker/listener GPIB interface.

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Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 10 pieces. Shipping is currently 10 weeks ARO.

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