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PCIe Digital I/O Board, 16 optically isolated I/O channels, 24V

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  • *SPECIAL ORDER*1-2 weeks to shipping
  • PCIe (PCI express) plug-in card
  • 8 input channels 24 V
  • 8 output channels, 24 V, 500 mA
  • Optical isolation 1000 V
  • Input and output filters
  • Watchdog


8 digital inputs, 24 V, isolated
15 interruptible inputs
8 digital outputs, 24 V, isolated, 10 to 36 V, 500 mA/channel
Optical isolation 1000 V
Watchdog for resetting the outputs to "0" (when Power-On)
Protection against fast transients, overvoltage, electrostatic discharge and high-frequency EMI
Inputs: voltage reversal, input filters
Outputs protected against short circuit
Overtemperature and overvoltage protection
Diagnostic report in case of short circuits, overtemperature, voltage drop ...
24 V power outputs with protection diodes
Shutdown logic when the external supply voltage drops below 5 V

CE conform, ISO 9001, 2-years guarantee

Program / Software Information

Drivers for Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT/98, Linux
(API as a 32-bit DLL + SYS/VXD driver),...
Linux RTAI for MSX Box

Manuals, software, data sheets, etc., are downloadable from:

Additional information

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Digital Input / Output