PCIe Fast multifunction, multichannel counter board, optically isolated, RS-422 inputs

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  • ï New! BiSS Master functionality for exchanging data with up to 6 sensors/actuators using the A, B or C mode
  • ï New! Parallel interface for the parallel acquisition of 28 digital inputs or 16
  • ï Incremental encoder
  • ï SSI synchronous serial interface
  • ï counter/timer
  • ï pulse acquisition
  • ï frequency, period duration, velocity and pulse width measurement (PWM)
  • ï BiSS-Master
  • ï digital inputs and outputs
  • ï Optical isolation
  • ï 32-bit data access
  • ï Up to 5 MHz input frequency
  • ï Signals in 5V TTL (APCIe-1711-5V-I), RS422 mode (APCIe-1711), or 24V signals (APCIe-1711-24V)
  • ï Four onboard function modules
  • ï Programmable functions
  • ï Function selection through software


The APCIe-1711 board is a fast multifunction and multichannel counter board for the PCI Express bus. The strengths of this board are its wide range of applications and high precision and reliability for industrial applications. With this board you can realise many different applications on the same hardware base. The board is supplied with a pool of functions which provide the user with maximum efficiency yet minimum space and parts requirement. The functions are individually configured for each channel through the supplied software. The flexible programming facilities on this board allow many different
user applications to be quickly and easily developed and reconfigured as further requirements arise. Thanks to the FPGA board structure, further counting applications can
be realised through software adaptation. Contact us!

ï Incremental counter for the acquisition of incremental encoders (90? phase-shifted signals)
ï SSI synchronous serial interface. The SSI function is an interface for systems which allow an absolute position information via serial data transfer.
ï Customised functions
ï Counter/timer (82x54)
ï pulse acquisition
ï Frequency measurement
ï Pulse width modulation (PWM)
ï Period duration measurement
ï Velocity measurement
ï BiSS-Master
ï Digital inputs and outputs
ï Edge time measurement (ETM)

Connection - Connection example: see datasheet

ST1711-50: Standard round cable, shielded, twisted pairs, 2 m, 78-pin male connector to 50-pin male connector
PX 8000: Screw terminal panel with housing for DIN rail

For the TTL I/O function:

ST370-16: Standard round cable, shielded, twisted pairs, 2 m
FB8000: Ribbon cable

Available lines for each function module:
8 lines are available for each function module.

The multifunction counter board APCIe-1711 is available in different versions:
APCIe-1711: 16 x RS422/TTL inputs and outputs, 12 x 24 V inputs, 4 x 24 V outputs
APCIe-1711-24V: 28 x 24 V inputs, 4 x 24 V outputs
APCIe-1711-5V-I: 16 x RS422/TTL inputs and outputs, 12 x TTL-inputs, 4 x 24 V outputs

Safety features:
ï Creeping distance IEC 61010-1
ï Optical isolation 1000 V
ï Noise neutralisation of the PC supply

Program / Software Information

Manuals, software, data sheets, etc., are downloadable from:

A CD-ROM with the following software and programming examples is supplied with the board.
Standard drivers for:
Linux, Windows VistaTM (32-bit)/XP/2000
Real-time drivers for Windows VistaTM (32-bit)/XP/2000.
On request: RTX drivers
Samples for the following compilers:
Depending on the function, the samples are not always available for each compiler. You will find a detailed list on the web.
ï Microsoft VC++ 5.0
ï Borland C++ 5.01
ï Visual Basic 5.0 ï Delphi 4
Drivers for the following software packages:
LabVIEW 5.01 (depending on the function)
On request: DasyLab 6/7 ï DIAdem 6
Current driver list on the web: www.addi-data.com
The software functions can be adapted to your application on request. The board can also be implemented for other application softwares.

Detailed Data Sheet

Download APCIE-1711 Data Sheet


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