PXI Dual 0-30VDC Programmable Power Supply

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The TE3200 is a dual output programmable DC power supply designed for use in PXI/CompactPCI chassis. The TE3200 occupies a single slot and will utilize an external supply of 48VDC (provided). A separate srrew-terminal/power adapter board, p/n TE3202, provides connectivity for two 48VDC power suppies and screw-terminals and jumpers for voltage and sense selection and connection. The TE3202 is included with all retail purchases (not included with OEM purchases).The TE3200 has two separately programmable 0-30VDC output channels. The TE3200 will provide a maximum of 30W per channel continuously (30VDC at 1A) from an external 48VDC input applied through the front panel connector (or via the TE3202). Two 110/220VAC-to-48VDC desktop-style power supplies are available separately as p/n TE3201. The instrument includes built-in protection circuits for over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature."SPECIAL ORDER" : Returnable only for warranty/repairDual 0-30VDC @ 2A, 30 Watts per channel programmable outputs Programmable current limits Read back voltage and current at output Over-voltage and short circuit protection On-board isolation and remote sense relays Outputs can be connected in parallel, or in series (requires floated ground) The TE3200 supports Plug-and-Play operating systems. Using the Graphical User Interface, your TE3200 will be up an running within seconds of installation. Just point and click to perform all set-up and control functions. To further increase productivity and to automate set up and control procedures, the TE3200 is provided with a 32 bit DLL allowing users to easily customize drivers. Programming examples for most popular textual and graphical programming environments are provided. The S/W is compatible with Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP.