Screw-terminal board, 3-row, LED indicators, for DIN-rail mounting

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  • *SPECIAL ORDER*1-2 weeks to shipping
  • ï 3 rows of terminals, terminals can be labelled
  • ï LED indicator status
  • ï Additional 4-pin terminal for the direct connection of the ground and the 24 V supply voltage to ADDI-DATA boards
  • ï With housing for DIN-rail mounting
  • ï All terminals intended for large conductor cross sections: up to 2.5 mm2
  • ï 2 x 39 screw terminals to the distribution of the voltage supply e.g. on sensors and for cascading several PX9000


The screw terminal panel PX 9000 is intended for the connection of maximum
32 signal lines and the voltage supply for the external sensors/actuators.
All components of the board are enclosed in an earthing strip which is also connected to the ground terminals.
On the 3x39-pin terminal block, all 37 contacts of the 37-pin female connector
are assigned a contact on a row of terminals. Each signal line (terminal 1-32) is assigned a status LED.
Both other rows of terminals are intended for connecting the voltage supply
for the sensors/actuators. These rows are protected against unintentional voltage reversal through a diode. A LED indicates when a voltage is applied.
These rows of terminals are equipped with 2 additional terminals, one on the right and one on the left side, for the easy connection of the voltage supply to a further terminal panel.
4 further screw terminals are at disposal for the supply voltage of ADDIDATA
digital I/O boards: two for the connection of the 24 V operating voltage and two for the operating ground.
Both terminals for the operating voltage 24V are in addition protected against overvoltages through varistors and transorb diodes.

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Data Acquisition, Analog Input / Output / Multifunction