Two 110/220VAC-to-48VDC Desktop-Style Power Supplies

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  • Runs from two 110/220VAC 50/60Hz Inputs with included standard power cords
  • Provides two isolated 48VDC inputs to power the TE3200


The TE3201 is comprised of two separate 110/220VAC-to-48VDC desktop-style power supplies. Together, they provide two isolated 48VDC inputs to power the TE3200. Interconnection is made to the front connector on the TE3200 via a screw-terminal/power adapter board (TE3202) and VGA extension cable that are included with every retail order (not included with OEM orders) for the TE3200.

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Weight 1.5 lbs

Team Solutions, Inc.


Power Supply, Desktop / PXI / cPCI

PXI Dual 0-30VDC Programmable Power Supply

TE3200 - $ 2,695.00