USB-controlled, FPGA configurable Bit Pattern Generator

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  • TTL/CMOS buffered logic inputs/outputs
  • Altera/Intel Cyclone IV FPGA
  • Soft configuration via USB
  • No firmware development required
  • Toolchains available free of charge
  • USB-to-FPGA interface IP included


Digital Stimuli
Digital Data Capture
Closed-loop, real-time functional test
Serial/Parallel to USB Interfaces

The FAB-3226 system connects 16 bi-directional I/O ports to a user-defined FPGA logic. As the FPGA is user-programmable, all kinds of operations can be implemented: input, output, and closed loop operation where input and output are processed in real-time. All this can be controlled by a user-defined application program running on a computer system (PC or embedded).

Due to the flexible architecture of the FAB-3226, a broad range of functions can be implemented: digital stimuli, digital data capture, closed-loop processing, random bit-pattern generators, serial/parallel data communication interfaces, synchronous or asynchronous operation.

In order to communicate with the application, the logic may implement a set of registers. The application exchanges data with these registers by read and write requests. This way, the application can control the logic.

No firmware development is required as the FAB kit contains all the necessary drivers.

The FPGA logic is soft, i.e., the application initializes the FPGA upon each start. The FPGA is de-initialized (reset) when the application terminates. By use of a server application, the FPGA logic may persist even when a single client terminates.

Altera/Intel Cyclone IV FPGA connected to an USB interface and 16 buffered TTL/CMOS compatible I/O lines
compact and robust die-cast aluminium housing
Standard 25-pin D-SUB female connector
High Retention USB connector allows for 50% more retention force than the standard USB preventing accidental disconnect
two status LED

Program / Software Information

Soft configuration via USB
Windows 10, Linux, 32/64 bit

The Getting Started manual, hardware manual, software manual, and data sheet are available at:

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Digital Input / Output