USB-controlled, Timer/Counter/Analyzer

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  • 2.8 ns resolution, 6 ns minimum Pulse Width, 100 MHz fMax
  • Two independent input channels
  • External reference and trigger channels
  • Jitter, Frequency, Time Interval, Pulse-width Measurements
  • Two channel start/stop measurements
  • Repetitive measurements: Single-Stop Histogram, Multi-Stop Histogram


The TIC-8420 is a novel Timer/Counter/Analyzer based on digitization of time intervals in pulse trains with 2.8 ns resolution.

Digitizes Time Intervals
USB controlled instrument
TTL/CMOS logic inputs/outputs
Flexible Arming/Triggering

Edge Counter, Time Stamping
Pulse-Width, Pulse, Semi-Period, Frequency, Period, Position Measurement
Simple Pulse, Pulse Train, Frequency Generation
Time-to-digital conversion (TDC)
Time-of-flight (TOF) measurements

MDEL Measurement Mode - Delay
MPWI Measurement Mode - Pulse Width
MPUL Measurement Mode - Pulse Length
MTOT Measurement Mode - Total Time Of Capture/Duty Cycle
MFAV Measurement Mode - Average Frequency

Time Base
Stability (vs. ambient temperature): ± 3.0 ppm
Aging (first year): ± 2.0 ppm

Electrical Data
Overvoltage Protection (permanent, all inputs): -5.0V … +8.7V
Overvoltage Protection (peak, max. 10 ms, 2% duty cycle): ± 20V
Input Characteristics (Pull-down 33kΩ at each input):
Logic L ≤ 0.8V, Logic H ≥ 2.0V
Supply Voltage (USB): 5V ± 5%
Supply Current (USB): 150 mar max.

Environmental and Physical
Size (excluding connectors): 111 mm L x 76 mm W x 29 mm H
Weight: 160 g
Operating ambient temperature: 0 … 50°C
Storage temperature: -20 … 80°C
Relative humidity: 5 … 95%, noncondensing
USB connector: Extraction force ≥ 15N, Mating force ≤ 35N

TIC-8420 - Instrument, USB cable (1m), Software Download Card

Program / Software Information

Windows 10, Linux, 32/64 bit

The Getting Started manual, hardware manual, software manual, and data sheet are available at:

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