USB Security Guardian Key Data Encryption Device

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  • Unique and innovative encryption system based on both a hardware and software solution.
  • Protects, by hiding, up to 128GB of hard drive data of your choosing
  • Easy to carry. Easy to use
  • Perfect for file protection on single and multi-user shared PCs
  • Supports both: one user, multiple machines or one machine, multiple user environments
  • Except for the operating system itself, all programs and files can be concealed
  • Simple and intuitive interactive guide


File lock-down for your PC. Simple, fast and easy. File closed - done.

PC data, your data, is very important to you and worth protecting. It should be safe from prying eyes. Password protecting your PC is not enough. There are ways into a PC or to its hard drive and the critical information on it. Now you can protect that data from anyone knowing that it is even on your hard drive. In fact, you can protect up to 128 gigabytes of your data from prying and unwelcome eyes. You can now keep your files out of reach from anyone that should not be seeing them. This protection includes your programs and/or your applications and the data they use.

The TS-U-SG001 is a a product that consists of a physical key combined with software technology to provide a unique data security solution. When the security key is inserted in the USB port of a computer, the user can easily create a personal virtual disk space to store any confidential data such as personal emails or files. This virtual disk space disappears once the key is removed form the PC. The key itself, is small enough to carry on a key chain anywhere you go.

All the data and programs stored in the virtual disk space are protected by integrating both software and hardware technology. This way, the data is not readable even if the hard drive or entire PC falls in to the wrong hands. But, don't worry, in case you have misplaced your key, the system gives you the opportunity to manually enter a password to read and back up the data. This way, either way, you, your data and your programs are protected.

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